Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dianna Agron: All About Creating Entertainment

Looking to cure her growling tummy, Dianna Agron was spotted paying a visit to a convenience store to pick up a few snacks yesterday (December 8).

The ?Veronica Mars? actress looked cute and casual as she made her exit, on her way home from filming ?Glee? all day.

Dianna told press recently that she?d much rather make a movie or television show than watch them.

"When you're watching the film it'll never be as fun as it was making it, you know, because it was so personal to you. It's something to be proud of at the end, but just the experience is the best part of it.?

"And then watching it, what brings that feeling back, is just knowing all the back-story to every single moment. Much more so than TV because TV is fast, so you're so focused and in the moment, that sometimes you don't really have that same feeling."

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